SINCE 1946

FP is one of the leading law firms in Greece, with more than 70 years of experience and commitment to client service since its establishment in 1946 by the founder Dimitrios E. Foutsis (1913-1987).

FP has been operating continuously since then with a well-respected Greek and international clientele. The firm’s team of talented lawyers, all of whom are specialists in different fields of practice, provides quality legal solutions of the highest standards.

In addition to numerous national legal entities and private individuals, the firm counts multinational corporations among its extensive list of clients. Through its long-standing interaction with international clients and the firm’s international networking, FP has evolved over the years, embracing the growing and ever-developing business needs of each of its clients. The firm prides itself in its ability to provide comprehensive and expert legal advice, combining its knowledge of the Greek legal system with an in-depth understanding of international and European Union law.


FP consists of one of the most internationally minded Greek legal teams. FP is the only Greek law firm with a branch in Cyprus. The firm focuses on high quality value-adding law services typified by commercial approach and integrity.

International Networks

FP is a member of Commercial Law Group (CLG), an alliance of commercial law firms from 18 countries in Europe, USA and South Africa.  Working together on cross border transactions, CLG is one of the largest European networks. Each CLG Legal member firm is ranked at the top of its jurisdiction. With a presence in the major cities of EU, we are ready to deliver integrated legal services of the highest quality, no matter in which of our 18 countries our clients need us.

FP is also member of Prae Legal Network, which provides its clients to access global legal resources through its vast network of well-established 252 law offices in trade centers in 141 countries. Our clients have access to lawyers from all around the world through Prae Legal Network, with expertise in a diverse range of cross-border transactions.