Politically, socially and technologically, the world is in the midst of one of the most disruptive periods in living memory.

CNL CAPITAL, since its inception in 2014, is the first Venture Capital Participation Company in Greece. It has adopted Corporate Governance Principles, in accordance with applicable Greek legislation and provides services funding to Greek SMEs by investing in their corporate bond issues.

FOUTSIS & PARTNERS LAW FIRM is delighted to announce the sponsorship of the upcoming SME Networking Event for CNL CAPITAL, that will be held in Athens, 119 Ermou street, K8 bar location, the 20th of September 2019, at 19:00pm.
CNL CAPITAL is celebrating 5 years anniversary from inception organizing a network event and will welcome all businesses to participate. More than 100 corporate clients of CNL CAPITAL will bring together their economic development.

The sponsorship of this event is part of a broader effort by our Law Firm and CNL CAPITAL to cultivate better professional relationships about upcoming economic opportunities.
We are pleased to work closely with CNL CAPITAL in making the upcoming event a success!